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Why Contact lenses?

When you don’t have something weighing you down, life is so much easier. Contact lenses let you live free and liberated, allowing you to explore life as you will. They also lend you the confidence you need to get ahead in life. And they definitely give you just a little extra charm to top it off. And so, with Bausch+Lomb’s comfortable and versatile contact lenses, you’re free from limitations, ready to take to life as it comes. Because when you see better, you live better.

Why should you opt for contact lenses over glasses?

Contacts align themselves to the curvature of your eyes and provide a wider field of view.

Contact lenses move along with your eyes, giving a natural vision experience.

They don't get in the way while playing sports and exercising.

No pressure on the nose, leftover marks, or reflections.

You can wear your favourite sunglasses without any hassles.

You can experiment with color contact lenses to see how you would look with a different eye color.

Contact lenses can be worn every day for varied duration or even only for special occasions, as per your choice.

They cause less distortions and obstructions than glasses, giving absolutely clear vision without having to clean them frequently during the day.

Contact lenses don't clash with your outfit or the overall look, thereby letting you take pride in your natural appearance.

Contacts come in a wide range of material and replacement schedules. You can select the best option for your eyes according to your lifestyle and budget.

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