Bausch + Lomb presents ULTRA contact lenses for Myopia, with MoistureSealTM technology.
Spending long hours focusing on the computer, smartphone or tablet can cause you to blink up to 66% less,
causing your lenses to dry out and feel uncomfortable1,2. The MoistureSealTM technology prevents lens dehydration,
blurry vision & discomfort that may be caused by reduced blink rates.

ULTRA contact lenses are monthly disposable lenses which are uniquely formulated to combine breathability and softness to deliver an exceptional wearing experience.

What's special about them?

  • 16 hour moisture retention:These lenses retain 95% of moisture throughout the day, giving clear & comfortable Vision1
  • MoistureSealTM Technology: Prevents Lens dryness1
  • Provides excellent end-of-day vision for digital device users1
Material & Design of Ultra Contact Lenses
Bausch and Lomb Ultra Contact lenses

*Contact your Eye care practitioner for more details.

*In the event of any discomfort experienced during 16 hour usage of the product, you can seek a full refund from Bausch & Lomb through the retailer you purchased the product from. This does not apply to free trials or purchases made through online portals. Conditions apply. MoistureSealTM technology in Bausch + Lomb UltraTM Contact Lenses helps maintain 95% of its moisture for upto 16 hours1.
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