SofLens®59 lenses are made of a deposit resistant material that combines excellent performance, comfort and visual acuity. Created with UniFit Technology, SofLens®59 have a balanced integration of lens design. material properties, and manufacturing process to achive simplicity in lens fitting & refitting.

What’s special about them?

  • 59% Water content for ultimate comfort
  • Easy handling1
  • Extraordinary comfort1
Advantage of Soflens 59
Material & Design Soflens 59
Soflens 59 Contact Lenses

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Ref: 1. A one month field clinical study was conducted to evaluate the clinical performance of SofLens Comfort (now SofLens 59) to key competitive products, Acuvue, Acuvue 2 and Biomedics 55. 15 independent clinical investigators in the US enrolled 269 patients in this study. The study was broken into three study cells to assist data analysis. The basic protocol was a one-eye, one-eye design (also called contralateral). Patients and practitioners filled out an assessment form at the 2-week and 4-week visit. Additionally, patients completed a forced choice preference questionnaire.