Your Guide to a Comfortable Contact Lens Experience

Your Guide To A Comfortable Contact Lens Experience

Contact lenses offer many benefits as compared to eyeglasses. The continually developing technology and the use of better materials make contact lenses more comfortable and suitable for daily wear. The design of contact lenses is such that you can barely feel them.
While everyone has a different set of parameters and requirements for choosing contact lenses, based on recommendations from an optometrist, comfort remains to be a prominent factor. Here’s a short guide curated to help you embark on the journey of comfortable contact lens experience.

1. Choose Your Contact Lenses By Length Of Wear

Some people prefer wearing contact lenses for outdoor activities, while some prefer to wear them all day. The choice of the contact lens depends upon its length of wear.

  • Daily disposable contact lenses:
    As the name suggests, it can be used only once, after which it must be thrown away. These contact lenses are perfect for reducing the chances of eye infection. Daily disposable contact lenses are suitable for everyone as they help you avoid the need and risk of eye infection due to reused contact lenses. You can wear a pair of daily disposable contact lenses for a day and choose a new pair the next day.
  • Biweekly wear contact lenses:
    It can be worn for regular use for up to two weeks. These contact lenses require proper care to remove any protein accumulation on the surface. These contact lenses are re-usable after disinfecting and storing them overnight in fresh contact lens care solution every night.
  • Monthly wear contact lenses:
    They are often the most economical for people who use contact lenses regularly. You can wear such contacts daily for up to 29 days before disposing of them, and they require daily care and maintenance with a suitable lens care solution.
    To make sure there is no contamination or protein build-up is present on the surface of the contact lenses, you must clean, disinfect, and store them in soft contact lens care solutions. Doing so helps you prevent the risk of eye infections and increased irritability.

2. Type Of Lenses For Your Comfort

  • Soft lenses
    Soft contact lenses are made from a hydrophilic plastic material. The hydrophilic plastic material tends to stay soft when it absorbs moisture. However, when the water content in soft contact lenses reduces and does not get replenished, these contact lenses may become brittle and more prone to tearing.
  • Silicone-hydrogel
    Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are becoming popular as they provide better oxygen permeability compared to hydrogel material contact lenses. In other words, the silicone hydrogel material allows more oxygen to reach the cornea of the eye and provides comfort for extended periods 2,3. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses reduce oxygen deficiency in the eyes, also known as hypoxia, compared to other contact lenses material.

3. Select The Best Suitable Material

Common materials used for contact lenses include:

  • Hydrogel contact lenses
    These lenses are popular due to their excellent tear spread around the contact lens, which makes it comfortable to wear for daily use 1. Despite this, hydrogel material has low oxygen permeability, and often, you may have to deal with protein deposition issues. Hydrogel contact lenses are also fragile, therefore, making it susceptible to tearing. 
  • Silicon-hydrogel contact lenses
    Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are one of the most common types of contact lenses available in the markets 3. The silicon-hydrogel contact lenses offer high oxygen permeability1 and provide sufficient tear spread, making it comfortable for regular use.
  • HyperGel contact lenses
    HyperGel material contact lenses match the eye’s corneal water content found naturally 4 and facilitate high oxygen transmission so that you can wear these contact lenses daily. Moreover, HyperGel contact lenses mimic the lipid layer of the tear film and do not get dehydrated throughout the day 4.
    Remember to first consult with an eye care professional to choose an appropriate pair of contact lenses based on the recommendations. At Bausch+Lomb, we offer a collection of contact lenses that are designed to provide superior wearing experience and comfort. Explore our range of contact lenses and find the perfect pair for comfort, visual acuity, and comfortable fit.

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