What Is The Right Age For Your Child To Start Wearing Contacts?

What Is The Right Age For Your Child To Start Wearing Contacts?

A question that parents frequently ask eye care specialists when their children get prescribed with an eye prescription is, ‘What is the right age for my kid to start wearing contact lenses?’

Well, there is no particular answer to this question as every child has unique requirements. Nevertheless, there are a few considerations that can affect your decision regarding your child wearing contact lenses rather than eyeglasses.

Indications That Your Child Can Start Wearing Contact Lenses

You need to make sure that your children are old enough to follow some essential wear and care instructions. Most children can make a habit of wearing contact lenses starting at a very young age, but you need to make sure your children can manage it. Here are some considerations:

Your Child Is Responsible Enough

If your child seems encouraged and shows enthusiasm to start wearing contact lenses, then they are most likely to treat them with proper care and enjoy being responsible by following the clean and care regimen[1].

Another alternative to avoid the contact lens cleaning and storing regimen is to opt for daily disposable contact lenses, unlike reusable contact lenses that need to be cleaned, rinsed, and stored correctly to avoid eye irritations and infections. With daily disposable contact lenses, your child need not spend time on following any such routine as these lenses are disposed of after using it for a day[1] (wear time differs as per the material used to make the particular type of contact lenses).

Think About Your Child’s Self Esteem

Before making any decision, think about the self-esteem of your children as it is crucial. Young children tend to get critical about their physical appearance and may feel less self-conscious when wearing contact lenses[2,3].

Although there is nothing wrong with wearing spectacles, some children may feel embarrassed or think that spectacles don’t look good on them. Talk to your children about if they’d like to start wearing contact lenses, then consult with an optometrist to get the best recommendations.

Advantages Of Wearing Contacts At A Younger Age For Correcting Vision

Recent studies reveal about contact lenses that can help slow down the development of myopia in children. Few types of contact lenses (example, Orthokeratology) have effectively slowed the myopia progression in some children, which means the children will have a healthy vision growing up [3].

Besides boosting self-confidence and helping improve vision, wearing contact lenses early on also has other advantages. If your child partakes in sports activities, then wearing contact lenses offer several benefits over wearing spectacles.

While playing sports, if your child is wearing spectacles and it breaks, then there can be severe eye injuries. Whereas while wearing contact lenses, your child enjoys peripheral vision as the contact lens stays in place, even when your child runs or plays around.

There’s No Minimum Age Limit For Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses can turn out to be an excellent experience for your children, and the fact that there’s no minimum age limit makes contact lenses to be one of the best vision correction options. If any of the considerations mentioned above relates to your child, it is not too early to think about switching to contact lenses.

Bausch+Lomb offers a wide range of different types of contact lenses to correct different vision problems, including myopia, hypermetropia, and multiple prescriptions. At Bausch+Lomb, innovation has been an integral component behind designing >different types of contact lenses that offer superior comfort and precise vision.

Additionally, Bausch+Lomb provides you with the option to choose the wear modalities, which includes disposables such as:

After getting a thorough eye examination performed on your child from a qualified optometrist, you can discuss contact lenses from Bausch+Lomb to buy the best contacts for your child.

A leading name in the contact lenses industry, Bausch+Lomb, has a legacy to provide the best of contact lenses experience, while also ascertaining that your child’s eye stays healthy and safe!

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