Thinking about The Right Age to wear Contact Lens? Here is What You Need to Know

Thinking About The Right Age To Wear Contact Lens? Here Is What You Need To Know

Wearing and caring for contact lenses requires more involvement in a way that keeps your eyes and vision at its best than simply putting on a pair of glasses. But what age is appropriate for starting to wear contact lenses? Learn more about contact lenses and their utility below.

Can Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

While the use of contact lenses may not have a minimum or a recommended age, but it is still important to consider whether contact lenses are appropriate for your child or not. This decision relates less to age and more to the unique characteristics and context of eye health, routine, lifestyle and other conditions.

While the use of contact lenses may not have a minimum or a recommended age, but it is still important to consider whether contact lenses are appropriate for your child or not. This decision relates less to age and more to the unique characteristics and context of eye health, routine, lifestyle and other conditions.

Deciding On Contact Lenses

  • For children: Wearing contact lenses demands responsible wear and care. Although accidents rarely occur, most cases occur when contact lenses are worn incorrectly or mishandled.

    Make sure that contact lenses are always clean and that your child follows a routine to maintain hygiene. Before you take your child for a contact lens fitting, think about your child's ability to take instructions, and if they can do things without forgetting or without being told twice.

  • For adults: In case you use prescription glasses, you may make a switch to contact lenses after consulting with your eye care professional. There are several types of contact lenses for different kinds of eye defects.

    Almost anyone can wear contact lenses if an eye care professional recommends them. It is imperative that you follow through the right maintenance procedure for cleaning and storing contact lenses, as advised by your eye care practitioner.

  • For temporary use: If you are looking through the different types of contact lenses that can be used for temporary purposes, ask your optician to select ones that will suit your requirements the best. Once you get your optician’s recommendation, then you can decide the colour of contact lenses you want to own.

When To Use Contact Lenses?

For many people, contact lenses are both an aesthetic and a practical choice. You will find several coloured contact lenses if your child or teen does not need prescription contact lenses but just wants to look cool.

Parents should be careful when they purchase contact lenses for their kids, as not all brands and platforms offer FDA approved products. It is imperative that you purchase contact lenses products from Government approved brands. So, we recommend you always check with your eye care practitioner first.

Do Things Change When You Get Older?

There is no specified age limit for when you can quit wearing contact lenses. Nonetheless, you can adjust their prescription by visiting your optometrist and adjust the contact lenses accordingly. There are certain eye conditions related to age, such as presbyopia, which allows you to wear multifocal contact lenses to be able to read and see better.

Benefits Of Using Contact Lenses

Prescription contact lenses can make our lives much more comfortable. There are many more advantages of using contact lenses such as:

  • Better peripheral vision
  • Hassle-free usage that supports an active lifestyle
  • Provide vision correction for common refractory issues of the eye such as astigmatism and myopia

When you consider buying contact lenses, always do your research and consult with your eye care professional before you make any decision. Eyes are one of our most sensitive organs, and we must maintain their good health. Explore Bausch+Lomb’s collection of eyecare products for a clearer vision!


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