Makeup Guide For Contact Lens Wearers

Makeup Guide For Contact Lens Wearers

Should contact lenses be worn with makeup? While you might know the types of contact lenses and the right one to buy, this question might be a part of your daily struggle.

Eye makeup is considered as one of the most common sources of problems for contact lens wearers. However, it does not mean that you have to sacrifice looking your finest every day to see clearly. Understanding how to pick the ideal cosmetic supplies and learning how to apply them correctly will make all the difference1.

The products guide given below will help you ensure that your eyes are healthy and beautiful at all times:


The primary rule is to wash your hands first then put in the contact lenses before proceeding with the application of makeup or moisturizer. After that, you can start applying the primer, as it will help in keeping the eye shadow and liner in place.

Eye Shadow

Just like when you buy contact lenses, you make sure that you are picking the best quality colored contact lenses. Similarly, when you opt for makeup, you should ensure that it is of premium quality.

In the eye shadow segment, choosing cream shadows over powder ones makes it a safer option as you will not have any issues with eye-shadow dust entering your eye or contaminating your contact lenses.

Keep in mind that cream-based shadows are less likely to get in your eyes due to their velvety texture. Also, it will be wise to opt for water-based cream eye shadows rather than oil-based products as bacteria can easily grow on cream based makeup 2.


A typical makeup practice is using eyeliner on the underside of the lashes. We recommend you don’t do that as the makeup might get in contact with the lens and also the inside of your eyes. Moreover, it can block the oil glands present on the linings of the eyelids, so better be safe now than be sorry later.

For avoiding such an event, pencil eyeliners should be used instead of gel or cream liners, which can dry and become flaky later. You should try to steer clear of Kohl pencils as they consist of heavy metals such as lead, which is considered an unsafe eye-makeup. 3

Colored Lenses

One way to take your eye-makeup game to the next level, you can try wearing colored contact lenses for a change. A trend that will always be unique, classy, and chic. With so many options in colored contact lenses, you can perfect any look, be it minimalistic, or bold or contemporary.

However, before opting for colored contact lenses, you should make an appointment with your eye care specialist and get their recommendation. You can also discuss the different types of colored contact lenses offered by Bausch+Lomb and pick a suitable one.

We, at Bausch+Lomb, provide you with our range of premium colored contact lenses, Lacelle, which is also available for varied prescription power. Lacelle colored contact lenses provide a unique lace-like pattern that blends flawlessly with the actual color of your eyes to highlight its natural beauty.

The best part is, you have options to choose colored contact lenses that are categorized for three different looks – Subtle, Bold, and Everyday. Whether its hazel colored contact lenses, or blue colored contact lenses, or grey colored contact lenses that you need to turn up your fashion quotient, we have you covered!

Wear Contact Lenses and Makeup without Worry

When you shop for your makeup essentials the next time, you should ask for products that are specifically labeled safe for contact lens wearers. But even with these products, if you are habitual of using makeup consistently, consider switching to daily disposable contact lenses. It is the safest way to be sure of starting the day with a fresh, makeup, and residue-free pair.

Explore Bausch+Lomb’s collection of daily disposable contact lenses, including multifocal contact lenses, toric contact lenses, and contact lenses for dry eyes. Now that you know which products you can safely use while wearing contact lenses, you can consult with your optometrist about the same and get recommendations for specific makeup products and colored contact lenses. Here’s to happy eyes and a beautiful you!

[3] &text=Kohl%20is%20widely%20believed%20to,levels%20in%20excess%20of%2050%25.

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