Here’s How Bausch+Lomb Improves Your Contact Lenses Experience

Here’s How Bausch+Lomb Improves Your Contact Lenses Experience

Don’t like wearing glasses? Consult with your optometrist and start wearing contact lenses. You will find different types of contact lenses for various eye conditions. You will also find contact lenses that are made purely for cosmetic purposes. It’s safe to say that with today’s technological advancements, contact lenses have become more versatile than ever.

At Bausch+Lomb, we aim to design and deliver the best of contact lenses to you so that you always enjoy precise vision and celebrate your life. We offer various types of contact lenses, made with different materials and technology, suitable for different vision conditions and lifestyles.

A Little About Bausch+Lomb’s Heritage

In 1853, what started out as a small optical shop in Rochester, New York, Bausch+Lomb has now become a large healthcare company and a pioneering name in the eyecare market1. Bringing innovations in eyecare, Bausch+Lomb has always been dedicated to perfect your vision and improve your lifestyle.

Presently, Bausch+Lomb functions as a division of Bausch Health, a globally renowned multinational healthcare company. Leveraging years of expertise, we, at Bausch+Lomb, continually strive to improve eye care and vision care innovations.

Apart from our range of vision corrective contact lenses, we also offer a collection of fashionable coloured contact lenses, Lacelle, that comes in different colour variants to help you look at the world with coloured expressions.

The Bausch+Lomb Assurance

With Bausch+Lomb, you can be assured that you are purchasing high-quality, innovative, and reasonably priced contact lenses. Our contact lenses are developed, designed, and made to deliver the best of contact lens experience to you.

We understand how your life may be hectic, and struggling with vision problems may only make it harder. We genuinely want you to live your life to the max, and so we offer different types of corrective contact lenses for nearly every common vision problem. We don’t want you to compromise with your vision, and hence, we offer you the best contact lenses that deliver a comfortable wear experience while also keeping your eyes healthy.

What more? Apart from leading contact lens features, we also offer a trial period during which you can decide for yourself if Bausch+Lomb’s contact lenses are right for you. It usually doesn’t happen, but if you don’t get a comfortable contact lens wearing experience, we give back your money.

We also advise that you make a habit to regularly consult with your eye care specialist and discuss your options. Once you get a prescription, you can choose from our different types of contact lenses and pick one suitably.

Prescription Contact Lenses From Bausch+Lomb

2Contact lenses are basically hydrophilic discs that stay afloat on the cornea of your eyes. Significantly shaped, once you put the contact lenses in your eyes, they help focus light into the eye’s retina and enable you to enjoy clear vision.

Bausch+Lomb offers you different types of contact lenses like soft lenses and our patented HyperGel material.

We provide corrective contact lenses for:

  • Short-sightedness
  • Far-sightedness
  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism

You can use Bausch+Lomb contact lenses to rectify such vision problems and achieve improved eyesight.

Why Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

Daily disposable contact lenses have become popular because you don’t need to spend any time on regular cleaning and maintenance routines. Our contact lenses come in different disposable contact lenses modalities, such as daily, monthly, and annually disposable contact lenses.

As you must know, it is essential to follow a proper cleaning regimen with contact lenses. Otherwise, it can lead to eye infections and irritations. But with daily disposable contact lenses, you can just throw the contact lens away after each use, and for the next wear, you use a fresh pair of contact lenses.

Corrective Contact Lenses For Long-Sightedness and Short-Sightedness

Myopia, or Short-sightedness, is a prevalent eye disorder in which distant objects appear to be blurred, while closer objects appear normal and can be seen clearly. Whereas long-sightedness, or Hyperopia, is a condition where the light falls behind the retina, leading to problems with focusing abilities.

3Bausch+Lomb’s range of corrective contact lenses for both these vision problems are:

Corrective Contact Lenses For Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a common vision disorder that occurs when the cornea of an eye is not evenly shaped. It leads to double and blurred appearances of objects that are both near and far 4. Some of Bausch+Lomb’s corrective contact lenses for astigmatism are:

  • Ultra Toric
  • PureVision2 For Astigmatism
  • Soflens Toric
  • Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism
  • Soflens Daily Disposable For Astigmatism

Corrective Contact Lenses For Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a natural vision disorder that develops as you get older 5. As one reaches 40 years of age, the body’s biology starts to change, which results in blurred near-vision. Presbyopia makes it hard to focus on nearer objects while performing activities such as reading, using a smartphone, or working on laptops.

Presbyopia is not a disease or an illness as it is a common occurrence that happens as you get older. Bausch+Lomb’s range of corrective contact lenses for presbyopia are:

  • PureVision2 For Presbyopia
  • Soflens Multifocal Contact Lenses
  • Biotrue ONEday Disposable Contact Lenses For Presbyopia

Innovations in Contact Lenses From Bausch+Lomb

Over the years, we have made several brilliant innovations in contact lenses that offer crystal-clear vision and keeps your eyes healthy. Our recent priority has been to deliver contact lenses that help with an active lifestyle and alleviate contact lens-related dryness in the eyes.

Considering today’s digitally driven world, our exposure to gadgets and digital devices has increased drastically. 6More than 50% of computer users face symptoms of digital eye strain, a syndrome caused due to prolonged use of digital screens. Some common symptoms include dry eyes, headaches, eye irritation, and blurred vision.

Here are a few of our innovative contact lenses that are designed to help you keep up with your hectic lifestyle while ensuring healthy eyesight:

Biotrue ONEday Daily Disposable Contact lenses

Key features include:

  • 98% moisture retainability provides moist and healthy eyes
  • Delivers all-day comfortable wear
  • Improved oxygen transmissibility to preserve eye health
  • Protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Daily disposability, meaning hassle-free wear and no maintenance
Bausch+Lomb Ultra Contact lenses

Key features include:

  • Designed and Built with Silicone Hydrogel and MoistureSeal Technology
  • Crafted to prevent lens dehydration with 95% moisture retainability
  • Comfortable wear for up to 16 hours in a day
  • Excellent choice for digital device users

As one of India’s most leading names in the eyecare industry, we, at Bausch+Lomb, offer you an extensive range of contact lenses and lens care products. For us, vision care is everything, and we ensure that our full range of products caters to every need.

Experience Bausch+Lomb’s Contact Lenses

At Bausch+Lomb, we persistently work to leverage our medical legacy and expertise and bring eyecare innovation to the forefront so that no one has to compromise with their vision. Consult with your eye care specialist and explore our collection of contact lenses now.


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