Find Out If It’s Time for You to Switch Your Contact Lenses

Find Out If It’s Time for You to Switch Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a blessing in disguise for those who need vision correction and also don’t want to compromise on looks and convenience. Before making any decision about wearing contact lenses, however, it is essential to get the right prescription from an eye care specialist. This helps ensure that you opt for one of the most suitable types of contact lenses for your eyes1.

If you are regular to wearing contact lenses, then you must know that you can switch to other types of contact lenses that are specifically designed for different eye conditions such as end of the day dryness related to contact lens usagedry, astigmatism, presbyopia, and a wide range of prescription powers.

Whether you are going to buy contact lenses for the first time or have been wearing them for some time, read below to find out what are those five signs that point out the need to change or replace your contact lenses.

Improper Care of The Lenses

All types of contact lenses, other than the exception of daily disposable contact lenses, require proper maintenance and care2.Daily disposable contact lenses are discarded after each wear. From always using fresh lens care solution to storingyour contacts, there are several things you need to follow to ensure you have a safe and healthy contact lens experience.

However, if you feel that regular cleaning, rinsing, and disinfecting your contact lenses is a little too much for you to handle, then you can explore options in daily disposable contact lenses. Consult with your eye care specialist and get their recommendations to start wearing daily disposable contact lenses such as our Bausch+Lomb BioTrue ONEday daily disposables. These contact lenses offer up to 98% of their moisture retention, prevent lens dehydration, and provide you with comfortable wear throughout the day*.

Doing this will ensure that you maintain healthy eyes and may also minimize the risk of any problem. If you are switching to contact lenses, or are wearing contact lenses for the first time, then you need to decide if you can carefully follow the lens care regimen. If not, then you can talk to your optometrist about our Bausch+Lomb’s iConnect daily disposable contact lenses, which are designed ideally for first-time lens wearers, and find out if it is suitable for your eyes.

Damage to the Contact Lense

Contact lenses are delicate medical aids that provide a natural viewing experience. But due to its delicate nature, sometimes there can be scratches due to improper use or cleaning.

Even tiny nicks can scratch your eye or leave openings for germs to contaminate your eyes. Any such damage to the contact lenses can affect your comfort level while wearing them and may even give rise to eye complications. So, if you ever notice any scratches or nicks on your contact lenses, then you must replace them after consulting with your eye care specialist.

Lenses are Disposable

All contact lenses are disposable. Among the different types of contact lenses, many contact lenses need to be disposed of after being used for a limited number of times. From daily disposable contact lenses to that for monthly disposables, you must choose the best types of contact lenses as per your lifestyle, maintenance capacity, and budget.

If you use daily disposable contact lenses regularly, then you must not use them more than their instructed wearing time. Similarly, if your weekly or monthly lenses are nearing their usable life, you must dispose them off rather than using them beyond that period. Nevertheless, if you are not sure about how long you should use your lenses, you must consult an optometrist3.

Ineffective Results

If your feel that the types of contact lenses you are presently wearing are not providing you with, comfort, or good vision, then it would be better if you discuss the same with an optometrist.

Your optometrist will perform an eye examination and help you identify the types of contact lenses that are most suitable for your eyes. If your existing brand of contact lenses are giving you a blurred or distorting vision or causing any other issue, you should replace them with another type to enjoy a clear and healthy vision.

Explore Bausch+Lomb’s range of different types of contact lenses for various vision conditions suiting a wide range of prescription power and start your journey towards a clear and comfortable vision.


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