Astigmatism 101 : And Why It Should Not Scare You

Astigmatism 101 : And Why It Should Not Scare You

When people are diagnosed with astigmatism, they’re not sure what it means. It is a common vision disorder like myopia or hyperopia. Myopia is near-sightedness, which means that this condition will blur distance vision, and hyperopia is far-sightedness, which blurs your near vision, distant objects usually appear clearly. If you have astigmatism, it will blur vision at all distances.

Until a few decades ago, the only practical solution to astigmatism was eyeglasses. But eye care professionals worked on inventing correction contact lenses for astigmatism. Subsequently, multifocal Toric contact lenses were created to provide a clear, comfortable vision for those suffering from this condition (astigmatism).

What Are Toric Lenses?

Toric lenses are designed in a specific, different way than regular lenses. Also, the geometric shape of the Toric lenses is so designed to keep it stable in its place while providing a comfortable fit. Toric lenses help refocus the light to a single point inside the retina so that people with astigmatism can enjoy a sharper, clearer vision.

Toric Lenses To Treat Astigmatism

In the case of astigmatism, people experience blurred vision. This happens because either the cornea has different curvature in principle meridians or the curvature of the eye lens. Subsequently, the different curvature of the cornea or eye lens is not able to focus the incident light correctly on the retina, causing blurred vision at any distance, headaches or discomfort in the eye.

If you have astigmatism, you can consider the following multifocal Toric contact lenses options from Bausch + Lomb, after consulting an eye care professional -

. Biotrue ONEday for astigmatism

Biotrue ONEday is made from HypergelTM material (specifically Nesofilcon A) and has a blink-inspired Peri Ballast design to help correct your Astigmatism condition. As the name suggests, Biotrue ONEday is a daily disposable type of contact lenses that provides comfort and consistently clear vision throughout the day.

. SofLens daily disposable

Made from hydrogel material (specifically Hilafilcon B), these daily disposable contact lenses have an Advanced Lo-TorqueAspheric Optics design to provide superior visual acuity for people with Astigmatism.

. Bausch+Lomb ULTRA for astigmatism

Bausch+Lomb ULTRA Toric lenses for Astigmatism are made from silicone hydrogel material (specifically Samfilcon A). These monthly disposable contact lenses have an OpticAlignTM design and incorporate MoistureSealTMTechnology, which makes them suitable for correcting astigmatism and provide long-term wearability and vision comfort.

. PureVision2 high definition lens for astigmatism

PureVision2 High Definition Lens for Astigmatism is made from silicone hydrogel material (specifically Balafilcone A). It has an Auto Align Design with High Definition Optics that stabilizes the contact lenses on your eyes and reduce blurriness and haziness - even during physical activity. These lenses are monthly disposable.

. SofLens Toric

SofLens Toric are monthly disposable contact lenses for Astigmatism, made from hydrogel material (specifically Alphafilcon A). These contact lenses have a Lo-torque design to provide crisp, stable vision and comfortable wearability throughout the day.

Buying Toric Lenses

Before using toric lenses, visit your optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam and have them prescribe the right lenses for your eyes.The correct fitting of Toric lenses is essential. Your optometrist will help select the right toric lenses for your condition and fit them accurately for your eyes.

Types Of Toric Lenses For Astigmatism

Toric lenses treat astigmatism effectively. Unlike regular spherical lenses that have one power, Toric lenses have two: one to treat astigmatism and one to maintain distant vision. Toric lenses are readily available in soft daily disposable and monthly disposable versions.

If you consult a qualified eye care professional, Toric lens fitting is as simple as wearing any other type of contact lenses, despite its different design. It might sound like a very different, but it’s the best way to a glasses-free option, which considerably improves the quality of life for people with astigmatism.

Caring for Toric Lenses

Using contact lenses for astigmatism correction not only saves you from the hassle of handling cumbersome eyeglasses, while providing better peripheral visual acuity and overall sharper vision. You can choose between different varieties of contact lenses for astigmatism; however, you need to consult an eye care professional before purchasing a pair of lenses.

Bausch + Lomb contact lenses for astigmatism offer sharp vision and great comfort in each eye. Explore our range of lenses and find the perfect pair for stability, visual acuity, and comfortable fit.

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