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Generally, most man-made products come with an expiration date, and so does contact lenses. You will find the expiry date mentioned on every individual lens package. However, there’s a high possibility that you rarely ever look at the date as it may seem like just a few tiny bars and numbers on a small package – this is where you find the expiry date.

But why do contact lenses have an expiration date? Can you use expired contact lenses? What to do if you have used expired contact lenses? Don’t worry; this article will help you understand the essential things about contact lenses expiration dates.

Why Do Contact Lenses Have An Expiration Date?

It is important to note that the contact lenses themselves don’t have an expiration date. It is typically the saline solution present in the blister pack that expires. While the contact lenses get manufactured, every lens first goes through sterilization before they are packed into air-tight blister packs with saline solution in it. Predominantly, the maximum duration that the saline solution and the packaging can preserve its condition falls between one to four years after the date of manufacturing.

Beyond the expiration date, the saline solution’s active ingredients start to deteriorate and lose its form, Moreover, a general assumption is made during the manufacturing, which considers the probability that the blister seal might lose its grip and let air or bacteria through. This might result in lens contamination, which can cause blurry vision, eye infections, and irritations, and in some cases, leads to severe implications.

In case the seal of the contact lenses’ blister pack is broken, it becomes easy for air to seep into the pack and contaminate the saline solution, which infects the lens and, thus, your eyes. The seal gaps can be so tiny that you might not notice it; therefore, it is crucial to stick to the expiration date mentioned on the contact lenses package. It is important to note that you will find expiration details of all kinds of disposable contact lenses – daily contact lenses, monthly, bi-weekly, half-yearly, and yearly contact lenses as well.

Note: This happens and applies to all types of contact lenses, including disposable contact lenses such as:

  • Daily Contact lenses
  • Monthly Contact Lenses
  • Yearly Contact lenses
  • Colored Contact lenses

What To Do If You Accidentally Have Used Expired Contact Lenses?

Have you worn a pair of expired contact lenses by mistake? If so, refrain from panicking.

when you find out that your lenses are expired, the first thing to do is remove them from your eyes and discard them. If you feel any irritation – even mild one, immediately visit your optometrist and get an eye examination. Your eye care specialist can help check your eyes and recommend appropriate treatment if needed.

You must remember that failing to adhere to the lens wear and care instructions, including the practice of wearing expired contact lenses, be it daily contact lenses, monthly or yearly contact lenses, can give rise to eye infections and other eye conditions.

To avoid any such eye problems, you must talk to your eye care specialist about the product details before purchasing any contact lenses. During the purchase – always remember first to check the expiration date of the contact lenses.

How To Find The Expiration Date Of The Contact Lenses?

Typically, the product details, including ingredients, standards, price, manufacturing, and the expiration of any contact lenses, can be found in two places – the packaging box and the lens blister pack. You will probably find it next or below the manufacturing date and lot number. The date may be mentioned in one of the two ways mentioned below:

  • YYYY-MM — 2024-08 — August 2024

Do Contact Lens Care Solutions Expire?

Yes, even contact lens care solutions have an expiry date. After the lens care solution’s expiration, the acidity level of the solution changes, leading to the loss of its disinfecting power. The expired lens care solution might also be contaminated with bacteria, which further risks your eyes’ safety and health.

The expiration date is generally listed on the label, which can be found printed anywhere on the bottle’s packaging. Since lens care solutions are typically available in large bottles, you will be using a bottle for an extended period; thus, you need to ensure that you don’t use it beyond its expiry date. Similarly, your contact lenses, too, must not be worn post the expiration date mentioned on the product packaging. Suppose you notice that your lens care solution has expired. In that case, you must immediately discard the bottle and consult with your eye care specialist to buy the best contact lenses’ care solution.

Find The Best Contact Lenses And Lens Care Solutions

If you are frequent to wearing contact lenses, then you must be aware that for enjoying the multiple benefits that contacts offer, they demand a little care and diligence. While following the lens care regime is important, it is also crucial to educate yourself about the basics of contact lenses wear and care. Now that you know how to find the expiration date of your contact lenses and lens care solution, you must always check the expiry date before using any such product.

In case you have used expired products or are facing problems finding the expiry date, you must consult with your eye care specialist and seek guidance for the same. While you are at it, you can also discuss Bausch+Lomb’s range of best contact lenses and lens care solutions.

We offer a wide range of the best contact lenses, including disposable contact lenses such as daily contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, and yearly disposables. We also offer multi-purpose lens care solutions, including BioTrue Multi-purpose Lens Care Solution and Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution. All Bausch+Lomb contact lenses and lens care products are made and designed to offer optimal comfort and performance, ensuring the best of lens-wearing experience. So, you can be assured that you are only buying the best contact lenses and solutions!

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