6 Myths Busted About Your Contact Lens Hygiene

6 Myths Busted About Your Contact Lens Hygiene

Contact lenses come as a blessing for those who struggle with common vision issues such as near- or farsightedness. Similarly, colored soft contact lenses are a popular fashion accessory for many.

However, there are several myths about contact lenses that may affect your decision to use them. Instead of believing everything that you hear, it is advisable to do your research and find out what’s real and what is merely a misconception about contact lenses.

This article will help you debunk several myths about using contact lenses and maintaining their hygiene. The information about contact lenses hygiene applies to all types of contact lenses, be it corrective vision contact lenses or colored contact lenses.

Myths And Truths About Eye Lens Hygiene

MYTH #1: It is okay to share contact lenses with friends and family

TRUTH: Sharing contact lenses is highly inadvisable because it may cause severe infections due to cross-contamination. Eye care professionals advise that you should never share your contact lenses with another person, even if they are someone you know. Regardless of the types of contact lenses you use, sharing of any soft contact eye lens is a big no-no.

MYTH #2: It is okay to put in contact lenses after applying makeup

TRUTH: It is always recommended that you wear contact lenses before applying any makeup on the face. Usually, applying makeup includes an assortment of chemicals and oil. When you wear your contact lenses before applying makeup, you avoid the risk of contaminating the contacts with any makeup particles.
Similarly, when it comes to removing makeup from your face, first make sure that you clean your hands thoroughly and remove the contact lenses before proceeding to remove your make up.

MYTH #3: It is unhygienic to use contact lenses

TRUTH: Contact lenses are perfectly hygienic. What is important is that one must follow the instructions and recommendations given by an eye care professional to keep your contact lenses clean at all times.
Technology sure has made our lives a lot easier. You can shop for soft lens multipurpose solutions to clean and disinfect all types of contact lenses. Another easy way to make sure that your contact lenses are hygienic and safe to use is to opt for daily disposable contact lenses. You don’t need to clean or disinfect the daily disposable contact lenses before putting them on because you can use it for a single day and start with a fresh pair the next day.

MYTH #4: It is not essential to properly wash hands before using contact lenses

TRUTH: It is crucial to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them completely before handling any types of contact lenses. Doing so minimizes the risk of transferring any germs and contaminants from your hands to your contact lenses and then to your eyes. Thus, it is advisable to clean your hands properly before putting on and removing contact lenses, so that there is no risk of eye infections or complications.

MYTH #5: Old solution can be mixed with the new solution to clean contact lenses

TRUTH: Mixing old contact lenses solution with the new solution can lead to discomfort, irritation, and severe infections such as solution-induced corneal staining (or SICS) 1. Eye care professionals always recommend using fresh lens care solutions every time to clean, disinfect, and store your contact lens. You must avoid mixing two lens care solutions because not all solutions are safe for use with all types of contact lenses, and it may cause contamination in the contact lenses.

MYTH #6: Tap water can be used to store contact lenses

TRUTH: You may think that you can use tap water to store contact lenses or avoid the risk of the contact lenses drying up. However, the reality is that storing contact lenses in water can have severe implications. Tap water contains harmful bacteria that can cause serious eye infections, such as Acanthamoeba keratitis 2, 3.
Acanthamoeba is a microbe that is commonly present in water. When you use tap water to clean or store your contact lenses, the microbe can stick to the lens’ surface and cause an eye infection or severe corneal scarring. For the same, it is advised that you remove your soft contact lenses before going for a swim or shower.

Learn The Essentials Of Using Contact Lenses Safely

Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of our body. If you are using contact lenses for the first time, it is essential to do your research first and stay clear of any myths that may misinform about using contact lenses. It is advisable to refer multiple sources and an optometrist before using contact lenses.
At the same time, choosing contact lenses from a trustworthy brand is highly desirable. Take your path to healthier eyes and clearer vision with Bausch+Lomb, a brand globally known for its superior quality products and after-sales services. Explore Bausch+Lomb’s Soft Lens Multipurpose Solutions that can be used for rinsing, disinfecting and storing any type of contact lenses. Find the right eye care regime and products for your visual aid requirements. When you see better, you feel better!

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