5 Reasons Why you Shouldn't be Skeptical About Buying Contact Lenses

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Skeptical About Buying Contact Lenses

Are you tired of having your glasses slide down the bridge of your nose? Do you wish that you did not have to take your eyeglasses with you all the time? If yes, then getting a pair of contact lenses is going to be a liberating experience. Understandably, you must be worried about whether contact lenses are right for you or not, but do not let any misconceptions hold you back.
A significant number of individuals nowadays wear contact lenses and follow proper instructions for cleaning and disinfecting them to prevent any kind of infection or irritation. Despite enormous popularity, however, contact lenses continue to receivea fair share of scepticism.
Compared to traditional eyeglasses, contact lenses have way more benefits, but yet, some of us still remain sceptical about using contacts. You might have questions about buying contact lenses. Have you thought of purchasing contact lenses but aren't sure if they are safe for your eyes?

Here are five reasons why you shouldn't be apprehensive about trying contact lenses and how they can benefit you.

1. Contact Lenses Get Lost Behind The Eyes

The inner surface of your eyelids has a thin, moist membrane called Conjunctiva that folds back at the posterior of the eyelids and becomes a protective outer covering of the white part of the eye. This continuous structure of the conjunctiva membrane from the eyelids to the eyeball makes it impossible for the contact lens to get lost behind your eyes.

2. Contact Lenses Are Uncomfortable

The current contact lenses are made up of super thin and biocompatible material, which are far better than the materials available a decade ago. Hence you can enjoy comfortable lens wear experience at the first go itself.

Very rarely, when you start using contact lenses, you need to give your eyes a little time to adapt. After some time, you will get accustomed to the newly acquired vision acuity, courtesy the contact lenses.

3. Contact Lens Maintenance Is A Hassle

Many believe that maintaining and handling contact lenses is a challenge and needs much effort. Well, that is not right. Taking care of your contact lenses is hassle-free and does not take much time. Follow simple steps every time you need to clean your contacts:

  • Always wash your hands with soap & water before handling contact lenses and ensure your hands are dry before handling contact lenses.
  • Remove one lens at a time to clean it with your recommended lens solution
  • Place three drops of lens solution on each side of the lens surface and gently rub for 10 seconds each side
  • Rinse the lens from each side thoroughly with the lens solution, for five seconds to remove any leftover debris
  • Place lenses in the clean case and fill it with lens solution. Soak the lenses for at least 4 hours

If you want effortless care, then you can try daily disposable contact lenses. You can discard daily disposable contact lenses after a day and then begin with a fresh pair of contacts the next day here; no lens care solution is required. Get in touch with an eye care professional to find more information on the different types of contact lenses available.

4. You Cannot Wear Contact Lenses After The Age Of 40

As you age, especially in your 40s and after that, you may require vision correction due to presbyopia (due to your eye lens losing its elasticity). With the introduction of Multifocal contact lenses, individuals aged 40 years and above can use contact lenses without any hassles. Consult with your optometrist and enquire about how you can start using contact lenses, to receive the most accurate information based on your requirements.

5. Contact Lenses Can Pop Out Of Your Eyes

Earlier hard glass or thick plastic was used to make contact lenses, so they could sometimes pop out when the wearer was involved in rigorous physical activities. However, contacts today are made up of fragile material that fits better and closer to the eyes. So, now contact lenses falling out of the eyes is a rare incidence.

Research and Consult

Changing a habit or starting something new makes us all sceptical about it. But once you do your research to gather as much information as possible, then you can make a sound judgement about if it is suitable for you. If even after your research, you are not entirely sure, consult an industry professional to get the best advice. The same goes for contact lenses and other vision aids.

Wearing contact lenses pose little to no threats if you use them correctly, as advised by your eye care professional. Make sure you get in touch with an eye care professional first. Explore Bausch+Lomb’s collection of eye care products and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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