3 Things To Consider While Choosing Your Lenscare Solutions

3 Things To Consider While Choosing Your Lenscare Solutions

Unexplained red eyes- how many times have you worked diligently to achieve the perfect contact lens fit only to be frustrated in the end? Making you second-guess yourself.

Many thoughts might come to your mind- is it due to complications from the lens fit, design, or due to over wear of lens? Or perhaps it could be due to a solution reaction. Although contact lens cleaning solution formulations have been upgraded to reduce solution-sensitivity problems, they haven’t been completely eradicated. Incorrect lens care products and routine can cause mild to severe eye related issues. 1

If you love wearing your contacts and don’t want to wear eyeglasses, consider these things before choosing your lens care solution to ensure you have a happy and safe lens-wearing experience. For the same, we have listed three essential C’s:

What Is A Multi-purpose Contact Lenscare Solution?

Multi-purpose lens care solutions are the all-in-one care products that can be used to clean, rinse, disinfect, and store all kinds of soft contact lenses. Mostly, soft contact lens wearers use multi-purpose lens care solutions.

The term ‘Multi-Purpose’ contact lens solution denotes the ability to fulfill the requirements of multiple lens care functions. Multi-purpose contact lens solution effectively carries out several functions such as cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, and storing your contact lenses.

Previously, one had to use different solutions for different lens care functions, such as cleaning lenses, disinfecting, and storing them. Today, with a Multi-purpose lens care solution, you don’t need to use multiple products for cleaning, rinsing, rubbing, disinfecting, and storing your contact lenses.


There are certain reasons like comfort, convenience, cost, or compliance, making you leave wearing contact lenses. Out of these, comfort may be the number one reason for failure.

The usual approach is to change the lens design, material, or brand first. Although you may not realize those lens problems are mechanical in nature. They manifest as symptoms of edge sensation due to excess movement or edge design. 2 If the comfort issue arises due to dryness, the remedy can be changing the lens material.

Medical practitioners also consider lens care systems like contact lens cleaning solutions as the possible cause of discomfort and dryness. 2 Hence, you must ensure that your eye specialist prescribes contact lens cleaning solutions that are suitable for your eyes. Before using any lens care system, you should know why it is prescribed for your lenses and understand the importance of its compliance.


All lens care solution manufactures have been working diligently on convenience because it is what matters the most. We at Bausch+Lomb have a BioTrue Multi-Purpose lens care solution that helps wearing contact lenses easier, no matter what lens you wear. It has pH balanced to match healthy tears and moistens the lens using a similar natural lubricant found in the eye*3.

When you are looking for the right lens care system, it is also essential that you have the ideal lenses for maximum comfort. You can opt for disposable contact lenses that are thinner and more comfortable. 3

Cost vs. Compliance

Cost and compliance are generally adversaries in lens care. Do you use contact lens cleaning solutions without understanding its right purpose and without knowing why it’s important to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions?

Sometimes, you continue using it improperly due to a lack of knowledge about the lens care system. It leads you to believe that all lens care systems are essentially the same and shop for the one with the lowest price. In some situations, you might settle for a generic or local solution, one with older formulations with a different preservative than the lens care system prescribed. These cost-cutting measures can produce a lot of complications.

While these pointers will help you choose the ideal lens care solution, you must also choose from the numerous contact lens cleaning solutions available. There are different types of lens care systems that have evolved. Your medical practitioner will analyze your eyes and prescribe one of these:

Oxidation Systems

If you are sensitive to preservatives, this lens care system is for you. It generally consists of three percent hydrogen peroxide, which is an excellent preservative-free disinfectant. 4 Thus, making your contact wearing experience comfortable.

Multi-Purpose Solutions

These state-of-the-art multi-purpose contact lens cleaning solutions are carefully designed to clean, rinse, disinfect, and store contact lenses. We at Bausch+ Lomb have a multi-purpose solution-Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose solution. It is the perfect option for your disposable contact lenses. When used daily, it removes protein build-up and kills 99% of germs. *Choose the Most Suitable Lens Care System

It is essential that you care for the instrument through which you see the world. And, to ensure proper care, Bausch+ Lomb provides you with a variety of lens care systems. You can visit the website and choose as per your doctor’s recommendation. Make sure that you understand how to properly use the prescribed contact lens cleaning solutions for your lenses and eyes.

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