3 Ways To Manage End-Of-Day Contact Lens Wear Discomfort

3 Ways To Manage End-Of-Day Contact Lens Wear Discomfort

Are you regular to wearing contact lenses as part of your daily morning ritual and head out to own the day? But by day end, it feels like something is not quite right with your contacts?

Many individuals who are frequent to wearing the same types of contact lenses regularly share this feeling of end-of-day lens wear discomfort. A common complaint is that during the day, the contact lenses offer a clear and comfortable viewing experience, but it does not last until the end of the day. If you, too, struggle with end-of-day lens wear conflict, consider the tips given below to improve your contact lens wearing experience:

Get An Eye Professional’s Recommendation on Contact Lens Care Products

Before you make any decision regarding changing your eye prescription, or for any eye conditions that you face, always consult with your eye care specialist first. Getting a thorough eye examination performed ensures that your eye care specialist can provide you with the best recommendations for your eyes.

It is common for protein and lipids to accumulate over the contact lenses and form deposits over time. However, the level of protein deposits varies for different types of contact lenses. 1 While these deposits exist naturally in your tears, it can affect your lens wearing experience if it gets deposited on your contacts. Hence, it is recommended to properly follow the instructions for contact lenses cleaning and storing procedures if you use a pair of reusable contact lenses.

Similarly, you must also use the same disinfecting and cleaning lens care solutions that have been recommended by your eye care specialist. If you experience discomfort, get your eye doctor’s advice on switching to another type of contact lenses or a different lens care solution that might help.

Avoid Using the Lenses for a Longer Period

Before you buy contact lenses, you should first know about the different types of contact lenses and the various modalities that they are available in. Some common types of contact lens wear modalities include disposable contact lenses such as:

  • Daily disposable contact lenses
  • Monthly disposable contact lenses
  • Yearly disposable contact lenses

If following the wear and care regimen of your contact lenses is bothersome to you, then opting for daily disposable contact lenses seems to be the best option. You don’t need to store or re-use them as you dispose them off after each use (recommended duration of wear as per product). According to a study on allergy sufferers, daily disposable contact lenses provided improved comfort in 67% of study participants compared to the other types of contact lenses worn. 2

Additionally, wearing daily disposable contact lenses ensure that you don’t stretch an extra day or two, or a month out the life of your lenses. It is essential to throw out your contact lenses as per your eye care professional’s prescribed replacement schedule to avoid eye complications.

Explore our range of popular daily disposable contact lenses such as Bausch+Lomb Biotrue ONEday Daily Contact Lenses, iConnect Daily Disposable Contact lenses, and Soflens Daily Disposable contact lenses. All our different types of daily disposable contact lenses provide your eyes with the level of comfort they deserve and also offer you a clear, crisp vision so that you live and enjoy the world better.

Defeat Dryness

According to studies, around 45 % of India’s urban population is likely to be affected by dry eye condition by the year 2030. 3Similarly, for those who enjoy wearing contact lenses, it can be a big problem for them as eye dryness can worsen due to contact lens usage.

Dry eyes can cause general eye discomfort, and it usually occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tear fluids to keep them lubricated. In some cases, dry eyes may also be a painful experience, alongside blurred vision4.

A common cause of dry eyes is 5prolonged use of digital devices, which reduces the blinking rate of your eyes, and thus causes dryness. Therefore, if your eyes feel dry, make an appointment with your eye care specialist, describe your symptoms, and get tested. Your eye care specialist can help you with artificial tears 6 or rewetting drops, or recommend contact lenses if you have dry eyes related to digital device usage.

Manage End-of-Day Contact Lens Wear Discomfort Expertly

While you research on your own to help manage lens wear discomfort, you should keep communicating about the same to your eye care specialist and find out what works for your eyes the best.

While you are at it, ask your eye care specialist about Bausch+Lomb’s daily disposable contact lenses that are made with HyperGel material.

Talk about the many types of contact lenses that are available with us to find which one is suitable for you and whether they can address your problems, such as end of the day dryness in the eyes. Bausch+Lomb Ultra Contact lenses (Monthly disposable) are specifically designed to prevent end of the day dryness with its MoistureSeal Technology and retain up to 95% moisture to deliver comfortable wear for up to 16 hours in a day7.

You can visit our website or contact your nearest eye-care products retailer to buy contact lenses from Bausch+Lomb that are suitable for you as per your doctor’s recommendation. Experience life with visual clarity and comfort with the best quality contact lenses in India!

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