12 Things You Should Never Ever Do with Your Contacts

12 Things You Should Never Ever Do with Your Contacts

Upgrading to contact lenses can be liberating for someone who has been annoyed by wearing glasses and pushing it up their nose bridge again and again for ages. Contact lenses give you a complete field vision as they move with the eyes. To appreciate the convenience that comes with using a contact lens, one must indulge in taking proper care of their contact lenses before and after wearing them.
1 According to the CDC survey, 99% of people indulge in at least one incorrect contact lens hygiene practices, which leads to severe eye infections. In India, by 2020’s end, the number of corneal blindness cases can increase up to 10.6 million. 2As mentioned by the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, almost 65% of keratitis origins get developed from corneal injuries, of which one of the leading factors is wearing contact lenses.
Contact Lenses provides safe vision correction for all people, thereby making it imperative to practice its proper care and hygiene. Here are 12 things that you should NEVER do with your contact lenses:

Sleep While Wearing Lenses

It can be dangerous to sleep with contact lenses in because it raises 3the chances of having microbial keratitis. It is a bacterial infection responsible for causing irritation, pain, and sometimes blurred vision. It might also be triggered due to a combination of a possible build-up of impurities on the contact lenses, reduced eye movements, and less oxygen supply to your eyes. Always remember to remove contact lenses while going to bed.

Not Keeping The Case Clean

It is necessary to keep the storage case clean to eliminate the chances of getting an infection from reusing contact lenses. Proper cleaning of the contact lens storage case makes sure that your contacts are cleaned and disinfected. So, make sure that you always keep your contact lens storage case clean.

Rub Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes with the contact lens on has the possibility of damaging the cornea, which may further lead to vision impairment. To avoid any such instance, it becomes essential to avoid rubbing the eyes.

Touch Contacts With Dirty Hands

Touching contact lenses with dirty hands follow the same rules as rubbing the eyes, which must be adhered to if you wear them. Your hands touch countless things throughout the day, which increases the possibility of getting infections when they get in contact with eyes and contact lenses. You must thoroughly wash your hands and dry them meticulously before touching your eyes or contact lens. It ensures the safety of the eyes.

Shower While Wearing Lenses

Another thing that must not get in touch with the contact lenses is water. Many microbes are present in water, be it in a swimming pool, hot tub, or ocean, which can damage the contact lenses and eyes. Also, Any type of water can affect the contact lenses, which can lead to eye irritation. So, you must remove eye lenses before taking a shower.

Keeping Them On Even When Eyes Itch

When you have irritated or itchy eyes, consider removing contact lenses to avoid getting any infection. Once you feel normal, take out and use a fresh pair or cleansed contact lenses for a better experience.

Exposing The Storage Case To A Dirty Environment

Whether you take the contact lenses out during the day or before going to bed, you must be aware of the place you keep its case. No matter where you are, do not forget to leave the case open in your bag or pocket when in an open area.
Any exposure may compromise the quality of the case as well as the contact lenses. It may also help build-up bacteria leading to multiple eye infections. It would help if you took care of the case in a similar way to that of the contact lenses. An ideal way to take care of the lens case is, wash them with a lens care solution and wipe it entirely with the help of a tissue paper and air dry the case upside down.

Reuse The Solution

Although the contact lens care solution is a disinfectant, it can be swamped with microbes if left lying around. It is best to use the contact lenses solution straight from the bottle to avoid getting any infections. Also, reusing the contact lens solution is not recommended as it has the possibility of causing severe eye infection, which may leave eyes painful and teary.

Not Cleaning Lenses Regularly

Dust and proteins also pile up apart from microbes when the contact lenses are frequently used. If they are not cleaned every day, it can lead to severe problems like papillary conjunctivitis, which forms small lumps on the eyelids. Replacing contact lenses as early as possible is an excellent way to get rid of any such issues.

Over Wearing

If you over wear contact lenses than its recommended duration by the Eye Care professional, it can cause the corneas to swell due to insufficient rest. Over wearing contact lenses also reduces the cornea’s breathability leading to further vision-related issues.

Not Replacing Lenses

Not replacing contact lenses at regular intervals as recommended can cause damage to your eyes. One must follow their replacement schedule diligently as prescribed by your eye care professional

Storing Lenses In Tap water

Water and Contact lenses are enemies of each other. Hence a big no to water in any form when it comes to contact lenses and lens care products. Storing contact lenses in tap water can reduce their quality and irritate the eyes. It can lead to severe eye threatening complications. Take care of your contact lenses and replace them at regular intervals to avoid any eye infections or vision impairment. Enjoy visual acuity with freedom of movement like never before with Bausch+Lomb contact lenses designed to improve your quality of life

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