Here Your Complete Guide to Bridal Eye Lenses and How to Make Your Big Day Perfect

Here’s Your Complete Guide to Bridal Eye Lenses and How to Make Your Big Day Perfect

The ‘big day’ is an occasion most of us look forward to all our lives, planning out every little detail meticulously. We also try our best to ensure that everything from the décor and food to the outfits and makeup turns out perfectly, and rightly so. Undoubtedly, the bride is the highlight and charm of every wedding, which is why it is essential to get everything right, even something as simple as bridal eye lenses.

Even though eyeglasses might be your go-to for vision correction, you might want to consider wearing contact lenses as they are far more convenient. However, even if you don’t require vision correction, you can go for colored contacts on wedding day, making your bridal look stand out. Apart from being comfortable, eye lenses look better in photographs and significantly reduce the chances of having your makeup ruined.

So, whether you’re new to wearing contact lenses or are just looking for some tips for your big day, keep reading as this guide will highlight everything you should know about bridal eye lenses!

1. Get an Eye Exam

Even if you wear contact lenses daily, it is best to get an eye exam before your wedding day. Doing so is essential to stay on top of your eye health and take care of any adjustments or changes that may be required. Moreover, all contact lenses, even colored ones, require a prescription [1], so make sure you visit your optometrist.

2. Consider a Bridal Eye Lens Rehearsal

We know it sounds unnecessary, but if you are wearing eye lenses for the first time at your wedding, a rehearsal or trial run will be quite beneficial. You can do this by wearing contact lenses at least two weeks prior to your big day, so you get comfortable with them. It would also help if you tried on a pair of colored contacts with your bridal outfit to see how it looks.

3. Purchase a Fresh Pair of Contact Lenses for Your Big Day

Some brides wear old or used contact lenses on their wedding day, leading to uncomfortable situations like eye redness, itching, or irritation. To avoid facing such issues, steer clear of used lenses and purchase a new and fresh pair of bridal eye lenses. Also, make sure you follow proper eye lens care instructions. [2]

4. Be Careful with Makeup

Makeup is an important part of every bride’s big day, but it is vital to keep a few things in mind if you’re wearing bridal eye lenses[3]. Firstly, wear your contacts before the makeup process begins. Secondly, avoid applying kajal or eyeliner to your inner eyelid as it can contaminate your lenses. [4] Lastly, always keep your eyes closed during the application of aerosol sprays and avoid oil-based makeup products. [4]

5. Have an Emergency/Backup Kit Handy

While wearing colored contacts on wedding days is an exciting prospect, you should be prepared for any last-minute mishaps. A backup or emergency kit always comes in handy, so make sure you have one for bridal eye lenses. The kit should have a spare pair of eye contacts, a lens care solution, and most importantly, your eyeglasses – as it is better to wear your glasses than bumping into people or things on your wedding day.

Explore Colored Bridal Eye Lenses at Bausch+Lomb

At Bausch+Lomb, you can explore a range of bridal eye lenses under Lacelle, our product line for colored contact lenses. You can easily find the perfect lens shade to match your bridal outfit as Lacelle offers contacts in six different colors, including blue, green, grey, violet, brown, and hazel.

Moreover, Bausch+Lomb’s range of colored eye lenses is available in three patterns – Diamond, Premium, and Circle. Each of these three lens categories come with a special lace pattern that smoothly blends in with your natural eye color, making your eyes look even more attractive on your wedding day.

So, whether your bridal look is subtle or bold, Bausch+Lomb’s Lacelle collection has you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of colored eye lenses today and get one step closer to making your big day perfect!


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