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About us

One of India’s most preferred names in the eye-care industry, we, at Bausch + Lomb, offer the widest and finest range of contact lenses, lens care products, intraocular lenses and other eye surgery products. Vision care, for us and our customers, is of unparalleled importance and our wide range of products caters to each and every need. At the core of our philosophy, we believe that the gift of sight is one of the most valuable gifts of human life. We aspire to make each day, better for everyone, with our products. Our Product range includes:

Toric lenses: Helps rectifying astigmatism by ensuring crystal clear vision

Multi-focal lenses: See Clearly at all distance with just one correction, Good bye Presbyopia

Spherical lenses: Counter blurry vision with our wide range of spherical lenses for Myopia (Minus Power) &
Hyperopia (Plus Power)

Lacelle: Add colour to your eyes with our vivid range of coloured lenses

Multi-purpose Lens Solution: Make your lens wearing experience a smooth and comfortable one

Every passing day, we strive to enhance your vision by constantly innovating, so you can see better, and live better.