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Why Contact Lens?

Life is so much easier, when you don't have something weighing you down. Contact lenses let you live free, live liberated, live better, allowing you to explore life as you wish.

Eye Vision

Contact lenses provide a wider field of vision compared to spectacles, helping you see more of the world with clarity

Flexible Contact Lenses

Unlike glasses, contact lenses don't get in your way while playing sports, working out or exploring the world

Contact Lens Under Budget

With many available options, you can select lenses that suit your lifestyle and budget


Learn about contact lenses from our experts who can help break common myths about lenses and enrich your experience

Debunking common

  • Contact lens are affordable and comfortable
  • Contact lenses are very easy to maintain for regular use
  • Contact lenses won't get stuck to your eyes
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Your complete contact lens guide

  • Types of contact lens
  • How to apply & remove contact lens
  • Taking care of contact lens

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Why Bausch + Lomb?

At the forefront of visionary innovations in eye care since 1853.

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